Twelfth Night Treasure Hunt Revealed!

1. In what country does the play take place? ILLYRIA

2. What are the names of the twins in the play? (Bonus: Where are they from?) VIOLA & SEBASTIAN, FROM MESSALINE

3. Name one thing or person Duke Orsino loves other than Olivia. MUSIC, “CESARIO, BEING IN LOVE, BEING SAD

4. Why won’t Olivia take any visitors or suitors? SHE IS IN MOURNING FOR HER BROTHER’S DEATH.

5. Name one instrument that is part of Feste’s musical “apparatus”. BASS DRUM, HIGH HAT CYMBAL, KAZOO, BANJOLELE

6. What do many people call Sir Andrew? (Hint: You may NOT want to be called this!) FOOL

7. Name one thing Malvolio has to do according to the letter he finds. BE RUDE TO THE SERVANTS, OPINE ABOUT AFFAIRS OF STATE, WEAR CROSS-GARTERED YELLOW STOCKINGS, SMILE

8. What color does Olivia abhor (hate)? YELLOW

9. Sebastian and Antonio make plans to meet at an inn. What is it called? THE ELEPHANT

10: Olivia gives Sebastian a jewel as a token of her love. What is it? A PEARL

11. Name two characters that get married by the end of the play. (Hint: Two couples are actually married by the end of the play.) OLIVIA & SEBASTIAN, MARIA & SIR TOBY

Thank you for playing!