We think this production will be appropriate for some middle schoolers and older teens. If your child is in sixth or seventh grade, please consider your child's maturity, and your own comfort level. And as always, please discuss the play with your children after the performance! It is not recommended for elementary school students.

With Titus Andronicus, Shakespeare was both exploiting the horror genre (particularly popular at the time) and also exploring the dark and nihilistic side of human nature.

The following advisory contains descriptions of plot points.

  • It is a violent play. There is certainly a lot of blood. Murder, rape, and mutilation are part of the central plot line. (Although the rape occurs off stage, it is referred to numerous times.) Some of the murders are pretty horrific.
  • Titus kills both his son and daughter in this play.
  • However, violence in the theater is more clearly performative than films, so many younger teens may be less disturbed by it, and more interested in “how are they doing that effect live”.
  • Very sensitive young teens ( if your child is heavily impacted by intense experiences) or children that have a personal experience with violence or witnessing violence may find this play more disturbing.

Please contact Artistic Director Melissa Chalsma for more information.