Every summer with our Griffith Park Free Shakespeare Festival, we bring all of Los Angeles together under the sky with free theater. Now we’re bringing L.A. together under our roof! We don’t want ticket price to be a barrier to attendance. Regular Studio pricing is as follows (does not apply to some special events):

FREE: On a tight budget? We don't want the ticket price to stop you from coming to the live theater performance that you want to see. Email us at indyshakes@iscla.org or call (818) 710 - 6306 to make your reservation, and know that you will need to claim your ticket at least 15 minutes before show time!

GENERAL ADMISSION: A little more solid? Our General Admission price is $20.

GENEROUS ADMISSION: Feeling flush? Our Generous Admission is $35 and you purchase supports this initiative to provide access to theater.

See all 3 plays + the iambic lab for just $75!

You get preferential ticketing, discounts on special events, exclusive newsletters, and invitation to our 2017 summer season kickoff party. And your purchase of a Season Pass means so much more:

  • You are helping to make Shakespeare free year-round!
  • You are providing a free seat for someone who is not able to afford a theater ticket.
  • You’re helping us to expand our mission to enrich our community!

2016 - 2017 Studio Season

PHOTO: Ko zushi

by William Shakespeare
October 15 - November 20

In Shakespeare's reverie of love, the line between dreaming and waking is deliciously blurred. In a fantastical forest outside of Athens,  the King and queen of the fairies do battle, four young lovers are on the run, and a group of amateur actors prepares for the biggest performance of their lives. It all adds up to one wild night.


December 1 - December 18

Charles Dickens was not only a great novelist but an acclaimed actor, and his greatest triumphs were solo performances of his own work. In our very own holiday tradition, ISC re-creates (with more than a little artistic license) the experience of seeing Mister Dickens in the flesh. Wry and unexpected, there are only eight performances.


The Twelve Days of Pinchmas
Saturday, December 17 at 7:30 pm
Tickets are $45 general admission & $75 deluxe admission

It may not snow in LA, but Dr. Pinch and the very fetching Pinchtones will fill you to the brim with holiday cheer. Join ISC for our annual, uncensored, holiday party, Hosted by Dr. Pinch and the Pinchtones. The evening is full of music, comedy and cocktails. This party is not appropriate for children, and some adults. Ages 18 and up please!


iambic lab

Our month-long celebration of theater making, iambic lab features original adaptations of classical plays, new works on classical themes or using classical forms, public performance workshops, and discussions with playwrights. Full calendar announced in January.


THE SNOW GEESE by Sharr White
West Coast premiere
March 18 - April 15

With war raging abroad, newly widowed Elizabeth Gaesling gathers her family for their annual shooting party, to mark the opening of hunting season in rural upstate New York. But Elizabeth is forced to confront a new reality as her carefree eldest son comes to terms with his impending deployment overseas and her younger son discovers that the father they all revered left them deeply in debt. Together, the family must let go of the life they've always known. From acclaimed writer Sharr White (Broadway's The Other Place with Laurie Metcalf, writer and producer Showtime's The Affair)

Getting to the Studio:

We are located at the Atwater Arts + Innovation Complex in Atwater Village

3191 Casitas Ave.  #168
Los Angeles, CA 90039

There is ample free parking in Lots P1 and P2. Street parking available evenings, check the signs for parking restrictions.