Exciting things are happening at Independent Shakespeare Co! We are:

  • Settling into our expanded indoor Studio space where we can better serve our audience members year-round!

  • Entering our 17th season of bringing Los Angeles free summer Shakespeare performances (SEVENTEEN YEARS?!)

  • Creating, planning and presenting new and exciting productions and events for you!

Should I give my hard-earned money to support Independent Shakespeare Co?

  • Do you like doing fun stuff with your friends and family?

  • Do you think Angelenos deserve the best, most exuberant, performance experiences?

  • Do you believe everyone should have the chance to attend theater?

  • Do you count yourself among “a fiercely loyal following that can't get enough of ISC’s kind of real-people theater?” [Broadway World]

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, join ISC in making theater that brings our Los Angeles community together!


By being a monthly donor, you will provide the core support for Independent Shakespeare Co,’s year-round performances and programs that provide equity, access and a really great theater experience!

To create an equitable society, we must consider that access to the arts plays a crucial role in people feeling connected to, and valued by, their community. Your automatic monthly gift is a big “heck yeah, I’m with you!”

Best of all, monthly contributions maximize the impact of your support, and signals your belief that when we come together through the arts we create a stronger and more connected community.

Monthly giving is the easiest and most efficient way to support ISC. Together, we make Los Angeles a more livable city!

Ok, so you aren't quite ready to commit to a monthly gift. Or maybe it's just not the right way for you to support ISC. Rest assured, your one time donation is vital to our work!

Prefer to mail a check?

Independent Shakespeare Co.
3191 Casitas Ave. #130
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Or call (818) 710-6306

We also accept Donor Advised Fund contributions.



We can receive bequests as well as gifts of equity. To learn more, please contact Marisa Johnston, Development & Communications Director at 818-710-6306 or marisa@iscla.org

Read more about planned giving.


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ISC Monthly Donors (no matter the amount!) are among our most helpful donors. Being able to count on revenue year round allows us to make stronger and more daring artistic choices. We asked some of our Monthly Donors why they are contributing!


Mary Goodchild, ISC Ensemble Member
I’ve been sharing plays as an actor at ISC for many years, watching the same children fall in love with theater and grow up in our audience. This year was very special; it was my daughter’s turn. My husband and I give all year because ISC is truly a gift—all year long! Everyone loves a steady paycheck, and no one deserves it more than our hard-working theater company.

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Scott Maxwell, Audience Member
I give to the ISC because it helps to bring world-class art to the city I've made my home. By giving, I make LA a better place for all my fellow Angelenos."


Erika Soto, ISC Ensemble Member:
"I believe in ISC’s mission to provide quality classical works to Los Angeles with diversity and inclusion at the heart of its storytelling! Also, it means a lot to me to be able to support a company that has nurtured my own artistic and creative life."


Jenna Kamp, Audience Member:
"I chose to become a monthly donor to ISC because the arts, and Shakespeare in particular, matter. Artists and their art--be it written, musical, theatrical, visual, or any combination thereof--help us maintain and elevate our humanity. Participating even as audience members helps each of us develop our potential to be better people in our community. Through the arts we develop empathy with others and compassion for ourselves. I think it is important to remember this each month when I see the contribution on my bank statement. Each month I know I have contributed something to improving our world, and I appreciate The Independent Shakespeare Co. of LA for affording me such an opportunity!"

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Eric Muhlheim, ISC Board Member:
"I support Independent Shakespeare Co. because of all it does for Los Angeles.  The Company brings classic drama to life with vibrancy, heart and wit.  The Company conjures a diverse community through the magic of shared experience.  And with generosity of spirit and intent, it does this all for free.  When you encounter such generosity, it is only meet and right to counter it with your own. Monthly giving provides me an ongoing line and relationship with the company through the cold(?) winter months until the Festival returns again in the summer."


The loyalty of our audience during the past six years has allowed us to envision a larger studio space where we can do more for our audience and for our artists. You can bring help us put the final touches on our new home. Learn more and make a contribution here

Donations of every size will be recognized with your name on our Donor Wall!




Wondering if your contribution really makes a difference? Read on!

Natasha LeRutte, Teacher, USC Hybrid School writes:

ISC brought the text to life - something that at first seemed un-relatable all of a sudden became accessible and captivating. The sheer exposure to live theater helps even the playing field for students. Students from lower performing or low- income schools are often at a deficit to their more affluent peers. Through this experience, they will close the gap and be on par with their peers. It is incredibly important to see people who look like them in leadership roles and roles of power. The play and the text become that much more accessible to them and it doesn’t seem elite and exclusive.

After attending an indoor performance for free in our Studio, one audience member wrote to us:

“When you're financially in the 'red', you cannot pay for a performance even if you think that would mean a lot in your child's life, so you end up missing that performance. However, when it's offered to you as 'Free', you feel blessed that you can expose your children to quality theatre and performers. This also helps them with their school work and overall confidence level. Thank you for these offerings in the studio as well.”