Pauline Mauro:
"I'm raising $5,000 for the
15th Anniversary of the Festival I love!"

So far Pauline has raised $180! 

ISC's Griffith Park Free Shakespeare Festival has been a joyful part of my life the last
nine years, since my girls were five years old. ISC reflects Los Angeles at its
best - in its diversity and accessibility, it is one of the best examples of
inclusiveness because it's FREE to all! Our large city
becomes a smaller and more connected community with a shared magical
experience at its center with each performance. Our community bonds over picnics
and the universal, complex truths ISC serves up to us with unfiltered
sharp wit, charm, depth, empathy, and catharsis.

I joined their board because, after years of putting some bills in
their buckets and volunteering here and there, I wanted to
meaningfully support ISC which has given back so much joy every summer
to a highly diverse audience of 50,000 Angelenos. Even my daughters,
who are now teens, will be volunteering this summer.

Please join us by giving generously to support their work this summer and for
the future!