Leonora Gershman Pitts:
"I'm raising $5,000 for the 15th Anniversary of the Festival I love!"

So far Leonora has raised $2,510!


I think this memory best sums up what it’s like to be a part of the ISC community - and every single person who lays down a blanket on a warm summer night is a part of the ISC community.

Leonora kids.jpeg

My daughter was maybe five or six, and was already more than obsessed with seeing everything ISC has to offer. During our pre-show picnic before Romeo & Juliet, she made friends with an extended, big, fun family a couple of blankets over. Before I knew it, she had dug into their dinner and was chatting away, telling them about ISC (it was their first time) and essentially inserting herself into their lives. This family was so loving and welcoming and we all ended up watching the show together. And to me, as much as ISC is about truly world-class theater, it’s also about this. It’s about families and neighbors and friends you haven’t yet met coming together for a shared experience.

We like to say that whether you’re looking out at our audience or up on our stage, ISC looks like Los Angeles. It’s inclusive and raucous and colorful and warm. It’s a party. There are no barriers to who can enjoy our productions - we are literally designed to ensure that any person who can get to the park can watch a spectacular piece of theater, and no matter your experience with theater or relationship to Shakespeare, no matter your age or your education level, no matter where you fall on the socio-economic spectrum, you will feel like you are a part of something greater, you will be moved, you will laugh, you may cry.

I am so proud to be a part of an organization whose very mission is to make certain that theater is accessible to all, in every sense. But our mission is also the reason your support is vital: unlike most theater companies, we don’t have ticket sales to support what we do! We bring it to 50,000 Angelenos every summer FOR FREE. So because of you, your engagement, your generosity, we are able to keep the Griffith Park Free Shakespeare Festival alive and thriving and FREE TO ALL.