Julie Yannatta:
"I'm raising $5,000 for the
15th Anniversary of the Festival I love!"

So far Julie has raised $3,510!

I started coming to the Griffith Park Free Shakespeare Festival when my son was 4, so I’ve been attending for the last 6 years. I have too many happy memories to choose just one favorite. I return every season, drawn of course to the dazzling performances and to the faces in the crowd. I revel in the parade of expressions - rapture, anticipation, tears, glee - from the global palate of people who are my beloved Los Angeles.

The cliché of clichés is that they exist for a reason. Here’s my wish: May the cliché “life imitates art” have our lives imitate the art of the Independent Shakespeare Company. May we all stand for, support and cherish excellent caliber productions that perpetuate the eternally lush and gorgeous language of Shakespeare openly and freely for all to enjoy.