Independent Shakespeare Co.
is moving house!

Your gift is essential to our future.

We are more than halfway there in raising the funds to finish preparations on our new, expanded indoor space!

All donors will be recognized on our unique donor wall  Please contribute today to bring ISC a sunny tomorrow!


About the move...


For the past six years we've enjoyed our tiny, joyful theater home, the ISC STUDIO in the Atwater Crossing Arts and Innovation complex.

Here, we have debuted new plays and re-imagined classic ones, rehearsed eleven productions for our annual festival of free Shakespeare in Griffith Park, welcomed students for matinees and classes, and seen our organization grow from an annual budget of $425,000 to one that is nearly double at $800,000.

And now we are bursting at our creative seams!

Photo: Six years of magic in the ISC Studio...Sam Breen and Jose Acain in a Midsummer Night's Dream.

Truly, we are seriously space-challenged.

Our 49-seat performance area is frequently sold out and we lack an audience gathering area for relaxing before and after the show. What's more, the bar area shares space with the set (shudder!)

Off stage, the actors get dressed in our small office space, which, incidentally, is also our prop, costume, and lighting storage room.

Filing cabinets and computers share this small space with swords, racks of clothes, and (on performance nights) actors warming up and running lines.

Photo: Does the air conditioning work in here? ... Actor Mary Goodchild  in our office/storage unit/dressing room during the premiere of the ISC original musical, RED BARN. Development Director Marisa Tecson Johnston looks on. She's probably trying to write a grant proposal.
Snow Geese Mirror.jpg

The loyalty of our audience during the past six years has allowed us to envision a larger studio space where we can do more for our audience and for our artists.

As we began looking for a new home, our current facility partner, asked us to stay at Atwater Crossing as an anchor arts tenant. They offered to do significant renovations on a larger space in the same complex. Although the move is just down the hall, it is a dramatic change!

Our new Studio will have more room for seating, more capacity for artistic innovation, outdoor space for the audience...and even dressing rooms!

Photo: Kalean Ung and Nikhil Pai get ready for the West Coast Premiere of the new American play, THE SNOW GEESE by Sharr White.

What is the money for?

In order to complete our expansion, we are raising an additional $50,000.

This amount funds final renovations that will turn what was once a radio assembly line into a unique performance space:

_DSC7407 1.jpg
  • Comfortable audience chairs
  • Moveable seating
  • Flexible performance area
  • Improved lighting and sound capacity
  • Light and airy gallery-like space
  • Lobby area opening to an outdoor patio

It will increase our capacity to support our ISC artists:

  • Dressing rooms with improved artist accommodations
  • Practice rooms
  • Kitchen (theater-makers need a lot of coffee)

It also will act as the perfect facility to create our summer festival of Free Shakespeare in Griffith Park:

    • Large rehearsal area
    • Costume build and storage area
    • Recording capacity for music and sound cues
    • Washer and dryer
    • Storage for props

    Our new Studio will be a place our artists can do their best work for you...It is a place that you will want to linger...It's a place we can all call home!

    Photo: Work has begun on the ISC Studio 2.0!