Halle Stanford:
"I'm raising $5,000 for the
15th Anniversary of the Festival I love!"

So far Halle has raised $5,855!

My favorite memory of the festival was taking my seven year old to see The Two Gentlemen of Verona last summer.  We went with good friends, a perfect picnic, and warm jackets for later.  I was concerned that he would get tired half way through so I was prepared to leave at intermission.  When it came around I asked him if we should pack up.  He said, “I want to stay.”  He loved the production.  I attribute this response to an incredible production filled with music, fun, an enthusiastic audience, and performers bringing Shakespeare’s words to life in a way that he could understand and enjoy.  That night, my son’s life was forever changed.  He’ll grow up going to ISC productions, being a lover of the bard, a patron of the arts, and a loving member of the Los Angeles community. He’s already been inspired to act in a production of THE ARISTOCATS as Alley Cat #2.  So, who knows?  Maybe one day…a Puck on the stage!