Go Green at the Griffith Park Free Shakespeare Festival!

We’re taking steps to reduce our plastic footprint, and we need your help! While we encourage you to bring your own picnics, we recognize that this increases plastic waste collected here at the park. Rain and winds can sweep litter and trash that has been improperly disposed of into the ocean. Once in the water, plastic debris absorbs toxic pollutants, never fully biodegrades, and is harmful to marine life.

To keep the Festival environmentally friendly (and to go with our shipwreck-themed plays this summer), we’re committing to a plastic reduction plan: eliminate sales of plastic water bottles in order to reduce the amount of litter generated at this Festival, change cutlery and cups to compostable materials made from renewable resources, and purchase out goods in bulk to reduce packaging waste. We’re asking that you bring your picnics and beverages in reusable bottles and containers, avoid plastic bags and single-use plastic, and make sure your trash will be properly disposed of by taking with you.

Together we can prevent plastic pollution! Check out the videos below to learn more about ISC’s sustainable efforts and get tips from our Sustainability Ambassador, Bukola Ogunmola!

Go Plastic Free

This year, the Griffith Park Free Shakespeare Festival is taking steps toward reducing plastic waste. Here are some steps that we can take together:
1. Refuse single-use plastic including plastic bags, water bottles, to-go containers, takeaway cups and straws when preparing your picnic or buying food to bring to the park.
2. Use a reusable water bottle. In an effort to be more eco-friendly, we are GETTING RID OF PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES, so remember to fill up & bring your reusable water bottles before heading to Griffith Park! (If you forget, we are selling Open Water, a more sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bottles.)
3. Use a tote bag instead of plastic shopping bags to transport your food.
4. Choose to support brands that commit to recycled packaging when single-use plastic is unavoidable.
5. Pack out what you pack in to the park to make sure all your trash is properly disposed of.

More art. Less plastic.

Bukola open water.JPG

Save the Oceans @ Civic Engagement Night

Pericles spends much of his time at sea, so he knows better than anyone why clean oceans are so important. Be sure to join us for our Save the Oceans event before the performance of Pericles on August 2 to learn more about why the fight against plastic ocean pollution is so important, steps you can take to go plastic-free, creative ways to reuse existing plastic, and how you can mobilize your local policymakers to take a stand against plastic pollution. You’ll also hear how ISC is reducing its energy and plastic consumption.

We’re joined by our friends at 5 Gyres and 1 Plastic Life.

Find us at the Pop Up Lobby.