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Eric Muhlheim:
"I'm raising $5,000 for the
15th Anniversary of theFestival I love!"

So far Eric has raised $2,251.50!


My best memory was my first time (isn't that often the way it is?):  "Comedy of Errors" in 2012.  Stepping onto the grounds of the Old Zoo for the first time felt like entering a secret clubhouse filled with the coolest people in the city.  Sitting on a blanket in the park with my family around me while the warmth of the LA evening slowly cooled around us, wondering what to expect from the performance.  And then - BANG - the surprise and delight of the wall-to-wall slapstick of the performers.  Landing every joke - mugging ridiculously - crawling all over the audience - bringing us together with humor, energy, and generosity.  I was hooked forever.   


The Festival is one of the finest gems in LA's crown.  It performs to 50,000 Angelenos every year, drawing one of the youngest and most diverse audiences of any arts institution in the city.  And it does this independently, with no major corporate sponsor.  The generosity we rely on is yours -- fans of the arts who want to support classic theater; people with big hearts who want to treat their friends to amazing experiences; engaged neighbors who want to build ties between different groups in their community through shared culture.  


If you fall into any of these categories you should be giving to the Festival already.  And if you don't - do it because you want to support me.  I love this company and I am committed to its work and its art.