Come play with us!

  • Come play with your friends, neighbors and community!

  • Come for plays that have united us for 400 years!

  • Come play and bring your picnics!

  • Come play under the L.A. night sky!

  • Come play with us for an entire summer of free Shakespeare in the park!

We can't wait to bring you another stellar summer! The Griffith Park Free Shakespeare Festival gives all Angelenos a place to experience extraordinary theater in a beautiful setting, together with friends, family and a picnic! The exuberance and joy that we all experience together is utterly unique, utterly L.A.!

Help us raise $100,000 for the Griffith Park Free Shakespeare Festival 2019!

  • Twelfth Night & Pericles

  • 10 weeks of free Shakespeare in the park!

  • Plus family workshops, pre-show community events, local L.A. opening acts and more!

  • All artists are compensated plus Actors Equity Union members receive healthcare benefits.

  • Spring is when we design and build the sets, costumes and we build the backstage area too!

  • Los Angeles is a vast, expensive city. When you donate, you are ensuring that everyone in our community can come together over great theater!

We also accept Donor Advised Fund contributions.

Contribution recognition:

180713ISC-Midsummer - 119 copy.jpg

Any amount – You will be recognized in the Festival program

$50 Recognition in the Festival program + an exclusive thank you video from the Festival cast

$150 All of the above + 4 reserved seats for you at the Festival on the date of your choosing*

$1500 All of the above + the VIP experience: parking, backstage tour, and 2 t-shirts

$3000 All of the above + a very special, private performance of our holiday production, A Christmas Carol with Charles Dickens

$5000 All of the above + we’ll throw a Christmas party for you at the ISC Studio with a performance of A Christmas Carol, hot cider, flaming punch and a chocolate fountain!

*seats are limited, you will receive an email link to make your reservation.

Celebrate the 2019 season of free Shakespeare in the park!


By being a monthly donor, you will provide the core support for Independent Shakespeare Co,’s year-round performances and programs that provide equity, access and a really great theater experience!

To create an equitable society, we must consider that access to the arts plays a crucial role in people feeling connected to, and valued by, their community. Your automatic monthly gift is a big “heck yeah, I’m with you!”

Best of all, monthly contributions maximize the impact of your support, and signals your belief that when we come together through the arts we create a stronger and more connected community.

Monthly giving is the easiest and most efficient way to support ISC. Together, we make Los Angeles a more livable city!

Ok, so you aren't quite ready to commit to a monthly gift. Or maybe it's just not the right way for you to support ISC. Rest assured, your one time donation is vital to our work!

Prefer to mail a check?

Independent Shakespeare Co.
3191 Casitas Ave. #130
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Or call (818) 710-6306

We also accept Donor Advised Fund contributions.

why i give.jpg

Our community is strong! Audience, artists, theater-makers all come together to play thorugh the Griffith Park Free Shakespeare Festival! We asked some of our ISC Family Members to share why the Festival is important and worthy of your contributions.


Leonora Gershman Pitts, Board Member
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ScottKim copy.JPG

Kelvin Morales, ISC Ensemble Member
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Cary Reynolds, Emerging Theater-maker
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Wondering if your contribution really makes a difference? Read on!

Natasha LeRutte, Teacher, USC Hybrid School writes:

ISC brought the text to life - something that at first seemed un-relatable all of a sudden became accessible and captivating. The sheer exposure to live theater helps even the playing field for students. Students from lower performing or low- income schools are often at a deficit to their more affluent peers. Through this experience, they will close the gap and be on par with their peers. It is incredibly important to see people who look like them in leadership roles and roles of power. The play and the text become that much more accessible to them and it doesn’t seem elite and exclusive.


Thank you to all of our 2018 Season supporters!

Our Anonymous Benefactor, The Annenberg Foundation, Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Arts Commission, The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation

Eduardo Braniff & David Bardeen, Sarah Cronin & Brian Klein , Diane Glatt & David Holtz, Fiona & Michael Karlin, Lauren & Eric Muhlheim, Leonora Gershman Pitts & Scott Pitts, Halle Stanford, Dale and Edna Walsh Foundation

Anonymous (2), The Bauman Family, Kenneth I. Bowman, Sandy & Mayer Brenner, Shannon & Daniel Brousseau, Skye & Cliff Connors, Melissa Chalsma & David Melville, Thomas Joseph Deegan Day: The Willametta K. Day Foundation , Neil Gieleghem, Diann H Kim, Scott Hanlon, Sarah Hays, Hilly Hicks & Vernon Rosario, Hotlhues Trust, Bebe Johnson & Scott Carter, June Music, Marisa & Greg Johnston, Bruce Katzman, Peggy & Bennett Kayser, Frank Lopes, The Los Angeles Breakfast Club Foundation, The Los Angeles Philanthropic Committee for the Arts, Kimberly & Scott Maxwell, Paracelsus Natural Family Health Center, Stephanie Patterson & Gerald McGrory, Jay Polk, Renée Ralls, Betsy Rosenblatt, Susan & Bill Scheding, Audre Slater, Susanne Stanford, Gill & John Wagner


Anonymous (21), Naceam Abyane, Sherine Adeli, Rob Adler, Dan Akira, Kathy Aldrete, The Alvord Family, Irene Anderson & James Somes, John Antignas, The Armstrong Family, Denise Aubrey, David Avery, Margaret & Danilo Bach, Nancy & Jim Bardeen, The Linda Bessin Charitable Fund, Dr. Judith Bin-Nun, Julie & Larry Blivas, Elizabeth & Jonathon Brauer, Heide & Philip Briggs, Bob Bacon, Doris Baizley & Edwin Woll, Susan Baker & Ethan Bauman , Deanne Balloo, Yennaedo Balloo , Ted Barrial, Natasha Baumgardner & Jeffrey Bloom, Sarah Bernard, Dana Blenkin & Daniel Osers, Laura Buckles, Nancy & Jason Cahill, Phaedra & James Cheydleur, Josette & Jim Cramer, Patricia & Richard Creese, Capistrano Valley Christian Schools, Scott Carter, The Cassidy/Bumgarner Family, Susan Cassling, Cecil Castellucci, Elaine Chapin, Jeffrey Chavez, Karen Chen & John Cordova, Eric Chinchilla, Martha Chowning & Jonathan Groff, Lisa Christine McDannold, Rick Christophersen, Max Coleman, Victoria Conway, Elizabeth Cook, Jon Cozart, Paul Craig, Sarah Cronk, Julie & Mark Dacascos, Danni, Mark, & Dylan Dean, Elizabeth Dennehy & James Lancaster, Eileen DeSandre, Belinda Dong, Tammy E, Anael S Edwards, Angie Erdman, Ata Farhadi, Anna & Jon Feingold, Janice Feinstein & Paul Donnenfield, Carrie Ferenc, Gregory Finn, Laurence Fishburne, Kate Flannery, Shea Fontana, Kathy & Nick Franklin, Mason Funk & Jay Edwards, Steve Gabel, Peter Gal, Meg & Matt Gallagher, Toni Gallagher, Julie Garner, Laura Geffen & John Groper, Nancy Getty, Nicole & Adam Goldman, Janice Gong, Cindy Graham, Grace, Carl, Hugo, Llyan, Bun, Rusty & Ohana, Candace Green, Terri & Joseph Greenberg, Lisa & Joshua Greer, Kenneth Grimes, Erica Groten & Eric Varnen, The Abby & Larry Harris Family, Susan & Norm Harper, Michael Hogg, Angie & Chris Hougen, Bev & Terry Huntsberger, Elizabeth & James Jouvenat, Francesca Innocenti & Brian Beldham, Mauricio Jasso-Sepulveda, Sherrill Johnson & Al Moore, Tom Karlya, Denise & David Kautter, The Kerwin Family, Golnar Khosrowshahi, Michael Kim, Katie Klapper, Sonja Klusman & Eric Klusman, Bianca Kovar & Takashi Yagisawa, The Kreamer family, Rabbi Susan Laemmle & John Antignas, The Lakey Family, Kathryn Lane, Jim Lang, Vivian Lee, Diane Levine, Michael & Zen Lewis, Sabrina Lewis, Mary Lou O'Brien, Christopher Loverro, Lisa Lu, Anne Marie Madla & Stephen Hamilton, Sarah Maizes & Scott Burn, Paul Major, Mel Malmberg & Joe Rohde, Joni & Stephen Martino, Barbara Masters & Marc Weiss, Jenn Masunaga & Doug Ellison, Pauline Mauro, Denise Mazzarella, Cyanne McClairion, Jackie & Perry McCoy, Chris McGowan, Tim McKeon, Kevin McMahon, Sylvia & Douglas McPherson, Jocelyn Medawar, Mitchell R. Miller, Phyllis Zimbler Miller & Mitchell Miller, S W Miller, Wendy Mogel & Michael Tolkin, Frank Mohler III, Bethanie Monroe, Genevieve & Nick Morgan, Dale Nelson, The Newburg family, Erika & Tom Ngo, Janice & Tai Nguyen, Lori Nielsen & Ken Ferguson, Jerome Nilssen, Gwen Noda, Finn Norman, Armando Nunez, Deborah & Stacey Olliff, Sibyl O'Malley, Minna & Duncan Orrell-Jones, Sharon Oxborough, Nikhil Pai, Michaela, Michael & Josie Pearl, Loyal Perry, Steve Phelps, Joan Pirkle Smith & Kurtwood Smith, Julieanne & Charles Pogue, Steven Mark Popko, Lara & Mark Pranger, Suzanne Prescott, Janis Pretzlav & David Turner, Susan Proffitt & Josh Wattles, Sandra Quintana, Kate & Sanford Robbins, Lori & Ethan Ruhman, Tanis Rideout & Simon Racioppa, Tova Reyes, Beth Riesgraf & Jon Fletcher, Laura Rin, Alex Rockwell, The Rosenberg Family Foundation, Sally Anne & Chuck Rosenberg, Phillip Rosenthal, Patricia Rubalcava & Pete Cooke, Kristen, Vinny & Vivienne Rutherford, Dika Ryan, Tom Safran, Carolyn Sax, Richard Schenkman, Debra & Benjamin Schuraytz, Lexie Searle, Hillary Seitz & Steve Crystal, Jain and Eliot Sekuler, Jill & Mark Shinderman, Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, Patty Silversher, Ellen Slezak & Brian Hamill, Harry Smallenburg, Carlene & Kevin Smith, Fonda Snyder, Charlotte Spiegelman, Catherine Sutton, John D. Swain, Tina & Chris Teodorescu, Peter Thiel, René Thornton Jr., David Torno, Carrie Towbes & John Lewis, Horacio Trujillo, The Vasquez Michel Family, Malcolm Venolia, The Visscher family, Bonnie & Hayley Voland, Lisa & Bill Walthall, Dana Cairns Watson & Robert Watson, Suzann Weekly & Brian Holihan, Lynn & Jerry Wheeler, Janice Wien & David Cranford, Lauren Williams, Margaret Willis, The Wimbish Family, Michelle & Lynn Wood, Tammi & Michael Wright, James Wortham, Jessie Yuan, Erin & David Zabel, Gretchen & Jeremy Zucker, Karen Zumsteg, Bradley Zweig.


Susan & Michael Abeles, Hayden Adams, Sarah Airriess, Catherine Aks, Rosemarie Albright, Kevin Alexander, Linda Alexander, Elise Allen, BJ Allen-Conn, Timothy Allyn, Yolie Almaraz, Jamee Alperovich, Christine Amarantus & Brandon Demaria, Esperanza America, Jonathan Amirkhan, Patrice Amon, Heather Anderson, Karina Andrade, Leah Andrews, Chris Angel, Dan Angel, Mary Ann Gallo & John Bradley, Michael Antebi, Ram Anthonie Dolom, Marco Antonio Rodriguez Jr., Tiffany Argumedo, Jillian Armenante, Javier Armijo, Murray Aronson, Kalli Arte, Aimee Aver, Mr. and Mrs. Evan Avery, Pier & David Avirom, David & Randi Avshalomov, Rachel & Richard Azurdia, Adam & Alison B., Justin Badger, Donnie Baillargeon, Jane Baker, Morgan Ball, Ann Baltz & David Aks, Mary Banwart, Yesenia Barajas, Daryl Barbieri, Alison Bardeen, Dari Barlo, Greg Barnett, Mike Barnett, Jennifer Barnhart, Jessica Barosh, Raquel Barragan, Gabriel Barrera, Cynthia Barron, Bryan Bartlett, Frank Basile, Janet Bayramyan, Melanie Beach, Sarah Beaty, Stella Beck, Ann Behringer, Maud Bellåche, Ellen Berbig-Hickey, Lynne Bernstein, Gilbert Berriozabal, Richard Berry, Kirsten Beske, Anna Beth Rousakis, Stephanie Bettman, Jay Bevan, Kate Beyda, Bill Black, Wendy Black, Lon Blais, Kevin Blake, Lisa Blake, Diane Blanchard, Ross Blocher, Barry Blumberg, Sylvia Blush, Micki Boden, Harold Boger, Lisa Boles, John Bonilla, Bill Boowersock, Regina Borden, Susan & John Borden, Douglas Borsom, Amanda & David Bowker, Dane Bowman, Debi Bradshaw, Alysha Brady, Dalet Brady, Lee Brainerd & Ned Racine, Debbie Brand, John Brand, Maxine Brauer and Andrew Hodder, Jennifer Bravo, Nancy Brener, MK Brennan, Leigh Breslin, Jamie Bridgers, Stacy Brightman, I.J. Brindle, John Brophy, Ashley Brown, Carl Brown, Sarah Brown, Rob Brownstein, Lorelei Bryan, Natalie Buck, Colin Bucksey, James Bukowski, Richard Burford, Colin Burgess, Maureen Burkhart, Russ Burnight, Brooks Butler, Kendell Byrd, Kathleen Byrnes & Dan Roberto, Lindsay Bytof, Maria Cabildo, Josh Cagan, Janet Caliri, Adriana Calosso, Robert Camacho, Danny Camiel, Tim Campbell, Chip & Amina Canter, Angela Carbonetti, Laura Carey, Maggie Carino-Ganias, Emily Carlin, Lindsie Carlsen, Audrey Carlson, Fiona Carlson, Tucker Carney, Judie Carroll, Yoelle Carter, Courtney Casal, Jonathan Ceniceroz, Bill Chalsma & Tracy Smith, Kristen Chang, Carina Chavda, Sunshine Chavez, Prerna Chawla, Parv Cheena, Marco Chianese, Duane Christenson, Lisa Chuong & Richard Smith, Joanna Churgin, Lisa Churgin, Shirley Churgin, Savanna Chute, Daisy Chvz, Dr. Claire Marie-Peterson, Alexander Clark, Lisa Clements, Pat Cochran, Paige Coffey, Jacqueline Cohl, Chris Collins, Sandi Collins, Sharon & Stephen Commins, Beth Comstock, Leslie Connor, Christina Conte, Abby Cooper, Steve Cooperman, Stephanie Copenhaver, Grettel Cortes, Josep Costa, Amelia Coveny, Roxanne Coyne, Patricia Cracchiola, Debra Crosby Pullen, Tara Crow, CST-CFA, Brady Curren, Matt Curtin, DeAnn Dallas, Big Dan Sanchez, Charles Daugherty, Tim Davis-Reed, Cari Dawson, Gretchen Dawson, Matthew De Haven, Isabelle Degremont, Brandon Demaria, David Dennehy, Megan Densmore, Mark Desrosiers, Dede Devlin & Jeff Feuerzeig, Harley Diamond, Britta Diaz, Michelle Diaz, Deidrie Dickerman, Rich Dickerson, Cassidy Dimon, Mike Ditz, Paul Dlugokencky, Catherine Dodd, Myra Donnelley, Emiliana & Patrick Dore, Anissa Dorsey, Kelly Dorsey, Boris Dralyuk, David Dreyfoos, Margaret Dunlap, Amy Durand, Timothy Durfee, Scott Durkin, Tim Durkin, David Dworetzky, Lisa Dyson, Rita E. 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