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  • helps provide free theater and educational events for nearly 50,000 people through the Griffith Park Free Shakespeare Festival
  • supports the creation of new works and inventive re-interpretations of classic plays indoors in our Studio
  • assists outreach into our community, including workshops in schools and performances in non-traditional venues

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Having been a single mom on a very tight & limited budget and more importantly knowing the importance of having the arts in and around children's life, I would have not been able to expose my 12-year-old-musician-son to Shakespeare...When you're financially in the 'red', you cannot pay for a performance even if you think that would mean a lot in your child's life, so you end up missing that performance. However, when it's offered to you as 'free', you feel blessed that you can expose your children to quality theatre and performers. This also helps them with their school work and overall confidence level. Thank you for these offerings in the studio as well.

I come from a low-income household and my family has never exposed my siblings and I to the arts. Theater tickets were always out of reach price wise. I am the oldest of 3 and after hearing about free plays and events around L.A., I've been able to take my 2 younger siblings to enjoy these events which they have never experienced. Free access to live theater allows those of us with limited funding to experience something that we rarely have the privilege of experiencing.

Life goes through ups and downs. Sometimes things are great and I have the spare money to spend on theater and other things, and sometimes money is tighter and I have to cut back on extras. Your Shakespeare Festival is amazing because I know I can always attend, regardless of how well I'm doing any given year. I look forward to it every year. I give what I can, knowing that some years make up for others. I love that you have extended this to the studio space as well. I have had a season pass for the last couple years, and this year wasn't able to afford one. The chance to still be able to come and see some of the plays is wonderful, and I'm so grateful for it. I'd be happy to pay what I can for the tickets, and plan to donate what I can extra, when the funding campaign comes around in the spring, for the tickets I got for free.

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