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Begins June 30, plays in rep through September 2
Comienza el 30 de junio, en repertorio hasta el 2 de septiembre

It’s hard to tell where reality ends and dreams begin in this intoxicating joyride of a play. Otherworldly creatures, lovers on the run, and a group of amateur actors all converge in a deep forest outside of Athens. When their worlds collide, chaos ensues and nothing but magic has the power to set things right before the sun comes up.

Es difícil saber dónde termina la realidad y comienzan los sueños en la emocionante aventura que es esta obra de teatro. Criaturas del otro mundo, amantes en fuga y un grupo de actores aficionados convergen en un bosque profundo fuera de Atenas. Cuando sus mundos chocan, surge el caos y sólo la magia puede arreglar las cosas antes de que salga el sol.

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Begins July 28, plays in rep through September 1

Comienza el 28 de julio, en repertorio hasta el 1 de septiembre

Parental Advisory

This “Game of Thrones” for the Renaissance stage was a young Shakespeare’s first big hit. Titus, a Roman general, returns from the war in triumph with Tamora, Queen of the Goths, as prisoner. What follows is a visceral story of temptation, political machinations, and the thirst for vengeance. It’s full of bloody spectacle, dark humor, and definitely not for the youngest audience members.

Este “Game of Thrones” del escenario renacentista fue el primer gran éxito de Shakespeare en su juventud. Titus, un general romano, regresa de la guerra triunfante con Tamora, reina de los godos, como prisionera. Lo que sigue es un cuento visceral de tentación, maquinaciones políticas y sed de venganza. Está lleno de espectáculo sangriento y humor negro. No es apta para niños.


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Special Events Celebrating the 15th Anniversary Season!

Wednesday, August 29


(Performance of TITUS ANDRONICUS begins at 7pm)

Before the performance you can register to vote and write your elected officials. We provide the postcards and stamps, you speak your mind! Write about the arts or about an issue important to you.

Find us at the Pop Up Lobby.

Thursday, August 30


(Performance of TITUS ANDRONICUS begins at 7pm)

Pre-show discussion with Melissa Chalsma, Director of Titus Andronicus, Artistic Director & co-founder of Independent Shakespeare Co.

Want the inside scoop on the story you’re about to see? Join us for a conversation about the themes, stylistic elements, and contemporary aspects of the evening’s play. Learn about the process we took to get to the production you'll be experiencing.


Friday, August 31



6:30pm Pre-show performance with LA VICTORIA
(Performance of A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM begins at 7pm)

From strong foundations in Mexican folk music, seasoned with contemporary life as Chicanas in Los Angeles, La Victoria has created a sound that reflects their city. Created in 2015, Mary Alfaro (guitar), Vaneza Calderón (guitarrón), and Rosalie Rodriguez (violin) have been actively performing in concerts, private engagements, television and more. All three musicians have professional backgrounds in mariachi music, and a commitment to preserving its essence. They play songs that ring true in their everyday lives as well as folk standards that are staples of mariachi.