The Festival is on!

Photo: Mike Ditz

Photo: Mike Ditz

June 25 - July 26
Thursday - Sunday at 7:00
Special Wednesday performance July 22
**ADDED PERFORMANCES: Thursday, 9/3; Friday, 9/4 and Sunday, 9/6**

Adolescent bliss spins out of control in this imaginative staging of the most famous love story ever told. This new adaptation incorporates an original rock score and design that is equal parts fairy tale and punk. A live band and athletic performances create a Romeo and Juliet that explodes off the Griffith Park stage.

"Independent Shakespeare’s production of Romeo and Juliet an overwhelming success with it’s completely fresh interactive presentation. Here we have absolute beauty, intelligent comedy and painful tragedy unequivocally balanced. " Gia on the Move 

"...imbeds the classic tale with surprises, leaving the audience laughing and spellbound until the pitiful end." Stage Raw

photo: mike ditz

photo: mike ditz

July 30 - August 30
Thursday - Sunday at 7:00

It's the summer of 1945 in Messina. Don Pedro and his battalion are enjoying a much-needed respite in Leonato's villa. The young and naive Claudio and Hero fall in love and get engaged; Don Pedro plays Cupid between Beatrice, Hero’s sharp-tongued cousin, and confirmed bachelor-for-life Benedick; and Don Jon plots against any and all happy endings. Bursting with romance, full of eccentric characters, and set to a swinging soundtrack, it's a perfect summer evening in Griffith Park.

[The play progresses] with an ever increasing degree of what can only be described as a giant dose of fun amplified by increasing moments of very direct interface with the audience. To a significant extent the players and audience merged and the level of pure fun, happiness, laughter and joy saturated the venue and ... provided what all shows must provide, real entertainment"

All performances at the Old Zoo in Griffith Park.
Special events & special guests all summer long.
All summer events are FREE

Reservations are not necessary.
Please dress warmly and bring a blanket or low-backed chair to sit on.



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